NEW! The Wilderness of Time

Sean O’Dell, a decorated 63-year-old cop, plants evidence in order
to protect his friend of 50 years from a murder conviction. He
knows that his friend is the real victim and chooses to risk his oath,
reputation, and even freedom to prove it. Does the end justify the
means, and what price must he pay for a justice that may be veiled
in a lifelong untruth?

The Immaculate Erection

“These were the times that raked leaves collected in the street gutters where they burned and smoldered through lazy October days. Everybody loved the smell and everybody liked Ike.  Fathers wore brown felt, wide-brimmed ‘man hats’ and mothers wore funny round hats with nets. The times of Pall Malls and Luckys, when guys fought with their fists, and handshakes were sacred. Families had two goals: add to savings accounts every month and pay off the home mortgage. There were lots of Savings and Loans and corner grocery stores where kids bought Push-Ups and Dreamsicles.  Teens ran home to watch Bob and Justine, Pat and Kenny on Bandstand, Ed Sullivan, Snookie and Giselle on a cumbersome, small-screen, black and white Philco. A time of innocence, rides and family breakfasts after Mass on Quinquegesima Sunday, while the haunting refrains of Gregorian chants echoed in the heads of well-dressed and well-mannered children.

It was a friendlier time and a slower quieter time. It was a time like all times that inexorably trudges through the shine, to the dull, and to the rust, until it is filed into the pages of history and the temporary alcoves of memory.”

More to come!